CTY - kurzy pro nadané studenty

1) Základní informace

CTY neboli „Center for Talented Youth“ (Centrum pro talentovanou mládež) při Johns Hopkins University ve Spojených Státech si za svůj cíl klade hledání a rozvíjení nadaných studentů. CTY nabízí celou řadu online kurzů, které umožňují studentům věnovat se danému oboru nad rámec osnov středoškolského studia. Díky finanční podpoře nadace „AmericanFund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies” je tento projekt dostupný pro všechny nadané studenty, kteří mají zájem a jsou vybráni svými školami.

V České republice projekt zastřešuje Centrum pro talentovanou mládež: www.uptoyou.cz

Ve školním roce 2012/2013 se projektu CTY zúčastnilo jedenáct vybraných studentů našeho gymnázia, kteří absolvovali následující kurzy: Psaní eseje, Pravidla jazyka:
Od struktury ke stylu, Analýza textu & přesvědčivost, Příprava na matematické soutěže (např. Olympiáda), Příprava na diferenciální počet s trigonometrií, AP Diferenciální počet AB a Úvod do programování v Javě.

Ve školním roce 2013/2014 se projektu CTY účastní 6 studentů v následujících kurzech: AP Diferenciální počet AB, AP Biologie, AP Chemie a AP Fyzika.

Koordinátorem projektu na GJN ve školním roce 2016/2017 je prof. Vrbíková (kabinet 118) ( Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript ).

V příloze článku je zajímavý rozhovor s panem Martinem Hermanem, koordinátorem CTY CE.

2) Hodnocení kurzů studenty

Sharon Muzikářová

Hello everybody! It has been four months since I started taking the course Language rules: From structure to style. I have to say that it is a great experience for me. I have learnt a lot and my language skills have improved too. All CTY instructors are very kind and helpful, with very
professional attitude to teaching. I am very lucky because my online class is full of interesting and clever people, with whom I can debate for ages about anything I want. For all of this I would like to thank AFCSLS. And I should only warmly recommend CTY Online courses to veryone.

Viktorie Mašátová

Hello, I would like to thank the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies that enables me to participate in the CTYOnline course Introduction Java. I have been so glad to have an opportunity to develop my knowledge in programming. The lessons are well done, everything is explained clearly, each lesson includes a practical part in which I must prove also the creativity. I like this course because of his comprehensiveness - it teachs me to put things into perspective. My teacher is really helpful, she always explains me what I don´t understand. Additionally I personally got a book through which I can practice on my own. I would never have learned so many things
without this course. So once again thank you!

Marek Szeles

I would like to give my enormous thanks to the people from the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies, as they had given me the chance to participate in the Java course I am studying at the moment. It has helped me to sharpen my time-management skills as well as to gain extensive knowledge regarding programming. I do not believe I would have ever gotten as far as I am currently, if this fund had not existed.

Lenka Šlegerová
Hi, I would like to tell you something about my experiences with the math course Honors Precalculus with Trigonometry. This course focuses mainly on functions and relations (you can find more here http://cty.jhu.edu/ctyonline/courses/mathematics/precalculus.html). I’ve learnt some of the things at school, but here it is from different point of view and you can learn many new methods of solving a mathematical problem. You can choose how long you want to attend the course (either 9 or 6 or 3 months - you are going to learn the same things, but more or less intense). Each week you are going to watch couple of video lectures and you will be encouraged to take the Problem Sets for each topic. There are no deadlines, it´s basically just up to you, but it is better to respect the suggested timeline. The course has 9 main chapters and you have to write a test after each chapter. There are also two bigger tests - Midterm exam and Final exam.
The video lectures are great. They are short (about 10 minutes each). And the teacher is fantastic - he explains everything properly, he is funny and you can understand him even if you are non-native English speaker. The lectures are fun because of him.
You have to receive score at least 70% to pass the course.
I think it is a great course. You can practice your language knowledge and learn many new things. I’m so grateful that I can participate in this interesting project.